Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review of A Fine Imitation by Amber Brock

A Fine ImitationA Fine Imitation by Amber Brock
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Must read historical fiction of 2016! There are so many good things about A Fine Imitation I don't know where to start. The cover of the book is beautiful with art deco design that gives the reader an idea of the time period setting. I really like reading fiction based around the 1920s because the attitudes and styles changed so dramatically during that time. Also, the politics and women's right to vote happened so it was definitely a time of great change but I'm not here to give history lectures. Let's get back to the review, the book jumps back and forth between a 10 year period of 1913 and 1923. The time that the main character, Vera was in college and later the time she is a married New York wealthy socialite.

Vera has only known the life that her parents molded her for, a life among New York's elite with only the best taste in everything including friends. You can't blame her for the internal struggle she faced when enjoying life with her best friend Bea and constantly trying to please her strict mother. I'm surprised Vera didn't crack long before college and become rebellious. I know I would have rebelled if my mom was as strict as hers. Luckily my parents were laid back hippies so I didn't have to go through much of a rebellion LOL! Vera constantly battles between what is expected of her and what she wants to do even to the end. I am so glad she had a change of heart after seeing the finished mural.

The ending is my favorite part of A Fine Imitation because the reader is left guessing almost to the end, what is Vera going to do? Is she going to finally follow her heart? Some books I hate to finish but surprisingly I am happy and content to let Vera go because she got her happily ever after in the best possible way. I'm happy to say goodbye to her and hello to the next book I read.

I'm rating A Fine Imitation 5 out of 5 stars - superb writing, great storyline, and interesting characters - Poppy and Bea gave me a few laughs. I would have liked to have seen the mural but the description of it was very good.

I received a hardback ARC from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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