Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review of Love Lessons at Midnight by Shirl Henke

Love Lessons At Midnight (House Of Dreams)Love Lessons At Midnight by Shirl Henke
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Beautiful characters with a sweet happily ever after Love Lessons at Midnight does not disappoint. Running away from an abusive husband, Amber finds a home with Grace at her House of Dreams in London. Amber and Rob are wonderful together. They both seek to right social injustices such as child labor. They both have secrets about their past they are each afraid to reveal. Also, Amber and Rob need lessons in love. Under the disguise of Lady Fantasia and Gaby, Amber is able to hide her real identity to avoid recognition from the destructive husband she left long ago. The focus of the story is learning to overcome the past.

Rob is conflicted on his feelings for 2 no make that 3 women! But what he doesn't know is 2 of the women he likes is one and the same - Amber. She'd make the perfect actress on stage. Her ability to convince Rob that as Gaby, she's a native of France yet as Fantasia/Amber she is all English lol! I think it's funny how in the beginning Rob had his eyes set on the widow and even sought out lessons in how to please her yet he begins to dislike her the more time he spends around Amber.

The secondary characters are what really make the story good. I like books that use secondary characters to make the story. Without all their help and guidance Rob and Amber wouldn't even have a story to begin with. Her French bodyguard/friend is my favorite character. She is willing to risk her life in protecting Amber and keeping her safe from Amber's husband. She even plots to sneak into his home and kill him.

I'm rating Love Lessons at Midnight a 4 out of 5 stars - excellent characters throughout and a great but somewhat predictable ending. Very good historical romance!

I received this ebook from the publishers for my honest review.

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